Ticket control

Everything passengers need to know about ticket controls, increased service charges and passenger rights

To ride the public transportation, you need a valid ticket, which must always be shown during a ticket inspection. Please make sure that your ticket is validated before entering the trains.

If you get caught riding without a valid ticket, you must pay a minimum increased fare charge of 60 Euros within 30 days.

Please be aware of fake ticket inspectors!

Each inspector must be able to identify himself as a legitimate employee of the S-Bahn München. If you have a feeling the person checking your tickets could be a fraud, you have the right to ask for a proof of identification.

Increased fare charge

If you get caught without a valid ticket at the time of the ticket control, the inspectors will provide you with a confirmation receipt containing all the essential information, including a transaction number to pay the increased fare charge.

Paying the increased fare charge

Payment options:

  • You can pay the total amount of 60 Euros in cash directly to the ticket inspector.
  • If you are not able to pay the 60 Euros at once, it is possible to make a down payment. You will get a receipt for the amount you paid and the outstanding amount. Afterwards please transfer the outstanding amount to the bank details underneath.
  • If you are not able to pay the total amount or a down amount, you have the possibility to transfer the increase fare charge afterwards to the bank details underneath.

The increase fare charge is a payment request, that gives you 30 days after the ticket inspection.

Please direct your payment to:

Recipient. DB Vertrieb GmbH
Bank: Commerzbank Baden-Baden
IBAN: DE02 6624 0002 0115 5076 00

Important: Please specify your transaction with the transaction number written on your receipt. Otherwise we will not be able to assign your payment to your process.

Pay the increased fare charge now

Late recognition of tickets

The increased fare charge can be reduced to 7 Euro, if you proof within 14 days, that by the time of the ticket control you owned a valid personal ticket (e.g. IsarCardAbo personally).

You have the possibility to verify your forgotten ticket or legitimization at the DB Reisezentrum or the S-Bahn customer service center personally. You can also send your forgotten ticket via the Online-Portal or clarify your concern in the personal chat.

For further questions please contact the service number 07221 9235-1000 from Monday until Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and Saturday, between 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Problems with the mobile-ticket

In case you are unable to show your mobile-ticket during a ticket inspection (e.g. when your battery is too low), you will be considered a person without a valid ticket and will be charged the increase fare charge. Before entering the train you are obliged to make sure your mobile device works properly.


Legal issues

The increased fare charge is not a penalty or a fine, but a civil claim. Claims of whether someone used the public transportation without a valid ticket, deliberately or by mistake, will not be determined when issued.

You are, therefore under the conditions of transportation obliged to pay an increased fare according to the conditions.

Please understand that the control staff may and cannot differentiate whether a passenger has intentionally or erroneously traveled without a validated ticket.