Ticket control

Everything passengers need to know about ticket controls, increased service charges and passenger rights

To ride the public transportation, you need a valid ticket, which must always be shown during a ticket inspection. Please make sure that your ticket is validated before entering the trains.

If you get caught riding without a valid ticket, you must pay a minimum increased fare charge of 60 Euros within 30 days.

Please be aware of fake ticket inspectors!

Each inspector must be able to identify himself as a legitimate employee of the S-Bahn München. If you have a feeling the person checking your tickets could be a fraud, you have the right to ask for a proof of identification.

Increased fare charge

If you get caught without a valid ticket at the time of the ticket control, the inspectors will provide you with a confirmation receipt containing all the essential information, including a transaction number to pay the increased fare charge.

All of the information concerning the increased fare charge is gathered on the website www.db-fn.de.

Legal issues

Please understand that the control staff may and cannot differentiate whether a passenger has intentionally or erroneously traveled without a validated ticket.